After landing from the sky and taking my first steps on American soil, my immigrant eyes were open wide and seeing, all the way to the horizon, but also beyond.

From the moment I took my first steps across coal country, I realized how different I was while also noting these differences seemed mostly external.

I did not live in a house, with a yard with pets with whom to run.

I did not have summer or weekend vacations or road-trips, corralling across east and west, since that required a vehicle.

For I did not have musical instruments, to project my creativity.

I did not have much of a voice, cognizant of how alien my foreign experience sounded if spoken to my neighbors and peers who walked not too distant steps from me. In turn, they appeared to live light-years away from me, like on another planet with different customs, traditions, and resources.

Sunny Narayanan

Scientist, engineer, and inventor supporting our human space exploration and medicine endeavours

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